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About us

Meet us   A few words about the company We have been operating on the market since 2004. The extensive experience gained during this period allows us to serve our customers at the highest level by providing the best quality equipment. We are a manufacturer of electric tighteners, cordless tighteners, pneumatic tighteners, hydraulic tensioners (including multi-stage and spring return) and hydraulic wrenches. We are an authorized distributor of Hi-Force in Poland. We work in accordance with ISO 9001.

We offer devices in the field

Screw connection technique

  • manual screwdriver (torque multiplier),
  • straight electric screwdriver,
  • electric angle screwdriver,
  • straight cordless screwdriver,
  • cordless angle screwdriver,
  • straight pneumatic screwdriver,
  • angle pneumatic screwdriver,
  • pneumatic screwdriver,
  • torque wrench,
  • hydraulic socket wrench,
  • hydraulic cartridge wrench,
  • hydraulic wrench cassettes,
  • hydraulic unit (pump) for hydraulic wrenches,
  • hydraulic unit (pump) for tensioners,
  • hand pump for tensioners,
  • hydraulic tensioner,
  • multi-stage hydraulic tensioner,
  • tensioner with spring return,
  • tensioner for underwater work,
  • tension nut,
  • socket (impact socket),
  • counter key.

Other services

  • technical consultancy
  • production
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • tightening and loosening screws (screw connections) with adjustable torque
  • rental of devices with controlled torque (for tightening and loosening screws)

Haven't found a product that
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Together with our clients, we also develop unusual, individual solutions, strictly tailored to their needs.

The company constantly improves its products to best suit the needs of customers. Systematic training allows us to develop new, world-class technologies.

phone number 604-774-071 or e-mail biuro@bewo-tech.pl


Hydraulic tools

  • flat actuator (cylinder, lifter),
  • low HPS actuator (cylinder, lifter),
  • HLS low actuator (cylinder, lifter),
  • universal actuator – general purpose (cylinder, lifter),
  • aluminum actuator (cylinder, lifter),
  • pulling cylinder (cylinder, lifter),
  • actuator with a central hole – with a hollow piston (cylinder, lifter),
  • double-acting cylinder with a hole (cylinder, lifter),
  • high-tonnage actuator – with high lifting capacity (cylinder, lifter),
  • actuator with mechanical lock (cylinder, lifter),
  • low actuator with mechanical lock (cylinder, lifter),
  • steel hand hydraulic pump,
  • aluminum hand pump,
  • foot hydraulic pump,
  • battery hydraulic pump,
  • electric hydraulic pump – light,
  • electric hydraulic pump – standard,
  • electric hydraulic pump – medium flow,
  • electric hydraulic pump – high flow,
  • electric hydraulic pump – very high flow,
  • pneumatic hydraulic pump,
  • combustion hydraulic pump,
  • hydraulic cable (hose),
  • hydraulic connector, distributor (splitter),
  • manometer,
  • aluminum hydraulic lift,
  • steel hydraulic lift,
  • compact hydraulic lift,
  • hydraulic lift with hole,
  • hydraulic bottle jack,
  • hydraulic lift with foot,
  • hydraulic machine lift,
  • hand pump for pressure tests,
  • pneumatic pump for pressure tests,
  • hydraulic puller with built-in pump,
  • hydraulic puller with auto-centering,
  • 2- and 3-jaw hydraulic puller,
  • set of hydraulic pullers,
  • hydraulic crimper,
  • hydraulic crimping machine with built-in pump,
  • battery hydraulic crimper,
  • hydraulic cutter,
  • hydraulic cutter with built-in pump,
  • cutter of chains, ropes, rods, cables, wires,
  • hydraulic hole punch,
  • hydraulic nut splitter,
  • hydraulic nut splitter with built-in pump,
  • double-acting hydraulic nut cutter,
  • flange spreader – hydraulic,
  • flange spreader – mechanical,
  • wedge expander,
  • pipe bender,
  • workshop press – hydraulic
  • transport roller.